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Campaign: Celebration+

Campaign: Celebration+

5 + 2

5 + 2, Weekdays and Weekends seek to bring you high quality, chic and affordable jewellery to the forefront of casual, contemporary clothing styles for every day and every occasion. To anchor our message of everyday wear to our prospective customers, we need to bring forward an aspect of everyday life that unites people across all walks of life; something that everyone can relate to on a personal level. As easy as switching your jewellery or clothes day by day, we were looking for something everyone would perform daily but will differ throughout the day as well as the week. Something that unites cultures, that pays homage to age-old traditions, that is shared during moments of celebrations, and that brings pride to all of our unique heritages. Something as simple as enjoying a meal. Food is the binding force that brings together people; it builds our identities and defines who we are as people. Food has the power of connecting people. Whether that be in a family, in diplomacy, in business, or leisure, sharing a meal creates social cohesions, and it can win hearts and minds. As such, we decided to centre our first campaign of 5 + 2 around the celebration of food.

The city that best fits and a perfect candidate for our first campaign is the city of Hong Kong.

Hong Kong has a rich gastronomic history and has become a focal point for many who visit this unique port city. The cuisine has been heavily influenced by Guangdong cuisine, but the city has created its unique style of cooking. With influences from British culture and neighbouring Portugal in Macau, various seafaring countries who frequented the port city of Hong Kong defined its one-of-a-kind gastronomic scene. Often excluded from local Hong Kongers, the British afternoon-tea culture eventually made its way down the tiered social hierarchy and entered the local food scene bringing locals pineapple buns, egg tarts, toast, coffee, milk with tea and other cakes and delights. This unique hybrid of cultures culminated in the creation of a Cha Chaan Teng (茶餐廳) or Hong Kong Style-Cafe. Similarly, we do not believe in high-end jewellery retailers and think high-quality jewellery should be for everyone, every day. In tandem with the idea of a casual Hong Kong styled cafe (a far cry from five-star afternoon-tea), we at 5 + 2 envision our jewellery to be worn in the most casual of settings. Our jewellery aims at complementing your style of clothing, forming your unique identity just as food does.

Dim Sum is regarded as one of the most iconic dishes in Cantonese cuisine and is often coupled with a famous Cantonese phrase: 飲茶 or Yum Cha. Yum Cha, more often than not, takes up space on the family calendar as the day the family gathers together to drink tea and eat dim Sum. This sacred tradition is the opportunity for family members to catch up, gossip but most importantly, to show off their latest purchase. Dim Sum can also be enjoyed as a quick lunch between a packed work schedule or elaborated as a course menu among the upper echelon; the point being, it is yet another dining culture of Hong Kong enjoyed by all people. We envision 5 + 2 to hold its place in family gatherings, casual lunches with colleagues, and celebratory engagements. Whether that be wearing the jewellery while sipping on a classic martini with a date, clinking two champagne flutes filled with your favourite bubbles, or leaving an impression on a special someone during an impromptu party, 5 + 2 is jewellery created for any occasion: be unrestricted, unlimited, and unchecked. Create your own identity.

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