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A New Generation: Diamond+

A New Generation: Diamond+

5 + 2

Indistinguishable from natural diamonds with the naked eye, our sustainable lab-made Diamonds+ is 5+2’s signature gemstone. Breaking away from conventional diamond mining, our advanced technological method aims at replicating the same natural beauty created by geological forces and processes that take place hundreds of kilometres deep in Earth’s mantle. It is estimated that a single carat of mined diamond contributes to roughly 250 tonnes of land displaced and it goes without saying, a number of humanitarian issues attributed to the unethical mining of diamonds in select mines around the world. Furthermore and however unfortunate, mined diamonds results in at least one injury or death for every 1,000 miners and have been utilised as a currency for war and continued human rights abuses. A far cry for a reasonable comparison, sustainable diamonds only produce up to 0.5kg of mineral waste and are produced in a risk-free environment, devoid of potential injury or death.

Optically identical to a naturally mined diamond, our signature White Diamond+ are colour graded D and E (on a diamond colouring scale from D: being the most colourless to Z: yellow taints) and achieving a top clarity grading of Flawless (FL), Internal Flawless (IF) and Very Very Slightly Included (VVS). These three clarity gradings: FL, IF, and VSS,  rank among the top three with regards to diamond clarity gradings, on par or exceeding the finest of natural diamonds. Free of unwanted impurities and offering intense brilliance and scintillation, our Diamond+ collection provides unique opportunities for you to achieve your wildest dreams at a more reasonable price. In 5 + 2, we aim to never compromise on the quality of our Diamond+ and the ability to produce them in our partnered laboratories also gives our craftsmen even greater creative freedom to create any unique, bespoke piece of jewellery. Our Diamond+ provides more variety and choice for our valued consumers as they are better able to adhere to individual requests and cuts such as the trillion cut, rose cut and portrait cut. Enjoy our meticulously designed Diamond+ jewellery and be rest assured that your socially and environmentally conscious purchase has shifted the balance of the sustainable jewellery business in the right direction.

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