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Feng Shui

Introducing<br>Feng Shui

5 + 2

Feng Shui: 風水. Wind-Water.

With its origin tracing back to almost 4000BC, feng shui has been at the heart of ancient Chinese philosophy and civilisation; a reflection of the country’s rich culture and traditions. Although with its history spanning some 6000 years, there are many examples and implications of feng shui seen today. Whether that be the orientation of a room, design of a building or even something as minute as the placement of a mirror, this philosophy is deeply ingrained in Chinese culture. Ultimately, feng shui channels the cosmological energy forces in our everyday lives to bring about harmony within our natural environment. Honouring the age-old traditions of feng shui, our yin and yang-inspired dualistic setting pays homage to the cultural importance of eight sides. The gemstones in our Feng Shui Collection are masterfully designed to have eight sides, a reference to the homophonous relationship between the Chinese character for eight: 八 or () and the character that evokes wealth, fortune and prosperity: 發 (Fā). Furthermore, multiples of eight are even more sought after as 88 bears a visual resemblance to the character: 囍 (shuāng xǐ), which means “double happiness”.


Numerology in feng shui is not just limited to the number 8 but extends to all single-digit numbers. The number 5 has strong historical and philosophical ties to feng shui as the number 5, pronounced as , is often associated with the five elements in Chinese philosophy: Fire (火), Water (水), Wood (木), Metal (金), and Earth (土). This particular order of the elements is also synonymous with the “Days of the Week” sequence in Classical Chinese. By incorporating the five elements within the design of our pieces, we pay our respects to our heritage and wish to encourage its practise to a broader audience. The five elements Fire, Water, Wood, Metal and Water each have distinctive features within our collection. Starting with the element of Fire, specific gemstone cuts often associated with this element are evocative of a pointy flame which includes the trillion, pure shaped and marquise cut and are represented by the colours of red, orange, pink and purple. Water is represented by shades of blue and black and takes on a more wave-inspired design complete with a cabochon cut. Thirdly, Wood which brings to mind long, elongated shapes takes the form of baguette, emerald and radiant cuts with green as its representing colour. Metal unequivocally is represented by the colours of gold, silver and white coupled with round, brilliant and oval cuts. Finally, Earth is depicted through cuts such as the square, princess, asscher and cushion while being best represented through the colours yellow and brown.

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