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There are friends, there is family, and then there are friends that become family.

Our friends help steer our thoughts and behaviours, and most importantly, they help us grow as a person. We share our deepest secrets, laugh when there’s no reason to laugh, give us a sense of confidence and self-esteem, and they do not let us navigate the journey of life alone. Finding a friend often feels like a gift that keeps on giving; whether that be a listening ear during trying times, a shoulder to cry on amidst feelings of melancholy, or an extension of a helping hand in every situation. Our Friends Collection attempts to capture the power of friendship and to create pieces of jewellery that celebrate all aspects of this unique interpersonal bond. The meticulous design of Friends brings together a myriad of Diamond+ cuts placed in our unique cluster setting. Akin to the sparkles of a night sky or the glistening reflection of the sun on rhythmic waves of the ocean, we believe the beauty of our Diamond+ is further amplified through the reflective 18k gold settings and clustered diamonds.

The carefully designed cluster setting of our Friends Collection features the main stone accentuated by two identically mirroring gemstones; a powerful resemblance of our friends who encourage and support us to achieve our wildest dreams. The predominant feature of the Friends Collection is the two identically cut stones that support the main stone on either side, alluding to the importance of having best friends. With every glance at our Friends Collection, we envision it to serve as an everlasting memento: a constant reminder of the fond memories you and your friends shared and memories you will continue to create in the future. Alongside the variety of carats coupled with distinct, multifaceted cuts of our signature Diamond+, our expert craftsmen have consolidated all aspects that build friendships both emotional and physical. Our Friends Collections believes in the strength and resilience of friendships and employs rigorous design practices to elevate these pieces of jewellery to an even greater, totemic quality.

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