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5 + 2

What does a hug mean to you?

There is undeniable evidence that hugs carry significant importance and power, and whenever we receive one, it provides a complex emotional response that warms the heart. Whether it be a celebratory hug or a comforting embrace during difficult times, hugs can lift moods. Cross-cultural and cross-generational, a warm hug is universally comforting. Here at 5 + 2, we wanted to create a unique collection recognising this incredible power and to bring our customers pieces of jewellery that remind them of being within someone’s arms. However important or beautiful the gemstone may be, their scintillating beauty and aura will not be possible without the unique setting in which the gemstone is placed. Each one of our collections comes with a distinctive setting to maintain the uniformity and recognisability of the brand and the highlight of the HUGS Collection is its casual bezel setting. The gemstone comes fully encased within a minimalistic 18k Gold bezel setting, evocative of a heartfelt and affectionate embrace.

As the name implies, a full bezel setting occurs when the metal surrounds the entire circumference of the centre stone, covering it from all angles. What makes this bezel setting distinctive from the other settings is its unique ability to provide the most protection for the edges of the centre stone, making it less prone to accidental rubbing, breakage, scratches or chips to whatever surface or material it may come into contact with. Protection from all angles was the design inspiration behind the 5 + 2 HUGS Collection, and we wanted to create a safe haven for our wearer. Furthermore, the bezel setting is more secure than other settings, lowering the risk of dislodgement of our signature Diamond+. Less on the technical side and more on the beauty side, the bezel setting of polished metal acts as a mirror that contracts the natural colour of the gemstone from within, creating an even more intense colour. Despite these intrinsic advantages associated with a bezel, the setting is not as popular as a portion of the gemstone is hidden, which in turn, could make it appear smaller. Recognising these as potential concerns for a bezel design, we at 5 + 2 are committed to creating larger, bespoke pieces from our HUGS Collection to satisfy any request. Perfect for everyday casual wearing, feel the power of a group hug by styling this ring with other designs from our HUGS Collection.

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