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Through the marriage of time-tested craftsmanship and cutting-edge technology, we create our products with the meticulous care and unrivalled quality you want represented in all of your jewellery. From the utilisation of gold repoussé and chasing to other gold etching techniques, our pieces of jewellery are valued testaments to the expertise of our craftsmen.


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The 5 + 2 brand extends further beyond the Weekdays and Weekends connotation. 5 + 2 dualistically pays homage to a society deeply ingrained in rich, ancient East-Asian culture. 5 + 2 and it’s respective collections of jewellery aims at bringing harmony and balance to one’s lifestyle, perpetuated by age-old traditions and customs.



Indistinguishable from natural diamonds with the naked eye, our sustainable lab-created GENDiamond™ are 5 + 2’s signature gemstone. Breaking away from conventional diamond mining, our advanced technological method of producing diamonds aims at replicating the same natural beauty created by geological forces and processes that take place hundreds of kilometers deep in Earth’s mantle. Optically identical to naturally mined diamond, our signature GENDiamond™ are colour graded D and E (on a diamond colouring scale from D: being the most colourless to Z: yellow taints) and achieving a top clarity grading of Flawless (FL), Internal Flawless (IF) and Very Very Slightly Included (VVS). 

These three clarity gradings: FL, IF, and VSS,  rank among the top three with regards to diamond clarity gradings, on par or exceeding the finest of natural diamonds. Free of unwanted impurities and offering intense brilliance and scintillation, our GENDiamond™ collection provides unique opportunities for you to achieve your wildest dreams at a more reasonable price.



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It has been estimated that a single carat of mined diamond contributes to roughly 250 tonnes of land being displaced and it goes without saying, a number of humanitarian issues attributed to the unethical mining of diamonds in select mines around the world. A far cry for reasonable comparison, sustainable, lab-made diamonds only produce up to 0.5kg of mineral waste and are produced in a risk-free environment, devoid of potential injury or death.


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The ability to produce these GENDiamond™ in our partnered laboratories also gives our craftsmen even greater creative freedom to create any unique, bespoke piece of jewellery. Our GENDiamond™ provides more variety and choice for our valued consumers as they are better able to adhere to unique requests and cuts such as the trillion cut, rose cut and portrait cut. Let us help you find your dream piece of jewellery.


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Our GENStones™ are priced more competitive and reasonable than their mined counterparts. Due to the fact that high street boutiques and retailers hyper inflate the prices considerably, 5 + 2 aims to disrupt the traditional gemstone market by introducing a more approachable alternative with rivalling quality and clarity. 5 + 2 hopes to become the means of helping you reach important milestones in life and to fulfill your wildest dreams.