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For a more comprehensive ring size chart, visit here.
If measurements fall between two sizes, please order the larger size.  
5 + 2 Ring Size
5 E 1 / 2 43 2.75
6 F 44 3
7 F 1 / 2 45.5 3.25
8 G 46.5 3.27
9 H 47.5 4
10 I 48.5 4.5
11 J 1 / 2 49.5 5
12 K 1 / 2 51 5.5
13 L 1 / 2 52 6
14 M 53 6.25
15 N 54 6.75
16 N 1 / 2 55.5 7
17 O 1 / 2 56.5 7.5
18 P 1 / 2 57.5 8
19 Q 1 / 2 58.5 8.5
20 R 59.5 9.25
21 S 1 / 2 60.5 9.5
22 T 1 / 2 61.5 9.75
23 U 1 / 2 63 10
24 V 1 / 2 64 10.5
25 W 1 / 2 65 11



Simple yet sophisticated. The Weekdays and Weekends stackable band brings you perpetual love and cyclical devotion with an infinite circle of our Canary Yellow Diamond+. Encased in an 18-karat gold eternity prong setting, each Yellow Diamond+ is set with granulation, a testament to the expertise of our craftsman. Our bands are the perfect complement to other pieces in our collections or can be worn individually as fine stackable jewellery for any occasion.

Total Carat 7ct+
Colour Canary Yellow
Clarity VVS+
Cut Pear
Sustainably created Diamond+ Learn More
Due to the nature of an eternity band setting, the total carat size will differ depending on the ring size chosen.
Feature Description
Feature Description


Tracing its origins back to the Ouroboros, an ancient Egyptian symbol for perpetual and cyclical renewal, our eternity bands offer unmatched circumferential brilliance. Featuring an eternity 18k gold prong setting, the ring is set with a continuous and uninterrupted line of our signature Gemstones+ further emphasizing our contemporary take on age-old techniques. Our eternity bands not only serve the purpose of commemorating important milestones but also celebrate the subtle intricacies of life. These eternity bands are elegant and beautiful if worn solo or can be stacked with other fine jewellery in other collections for an elevated look for any given occasion.

  • Complimentary Worldwide Shipping
    5 + 2 offers complimentary worldwide express shipping on all orders. All orders are delivered Monday through Friday between 8 am and 5 pm. Further information here.
  • Return Policy
    As each piece is made to order, 5 + 2 does not accept any returns, refunds or exchanges, all sales are final. In an unfortunate and rare occasion that an item is defected by default, you would have 14 days to return the defective product to us. Returned items must comply with our return policy.

Commitment to Sustainability

Here at 5 + 2, we take pride in our lab-made signature Diamond+ and Gemstone+ that are not only optically identical to natural diamonds and other gemstones, but are consciously made in an effort to reduce our impact on the planet. We do everything we can to reduce our carbon footprint by creating eco-friendly lab diamonds and gemstones, multi-purpose travel jewellery bags and a custom, versatile jewellery box. When shopping with us, rest assured that with every purchase, you are taking part in a crucial paradigm shift in the jewellery world. Find out more on 5 + 2’s commitment to sustainability here.


Feature Description


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